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Getting Started


Watch this video to get started with your DYLN Bottle!


Activate Your Diffuser

You should find your Diffuser attached to the Diffuser Removal Tool inside a cloth pouch inside the bottle.

  1. Remove the Diffuser from the tool, then rinse it under warm water for about 20 seconds.
  2. Soak the Diffuser in a glass of warm water for about 20 minutes.
  3. Remove the Diffuser from the glass, briefly rinse it again and then shake off any excess water.
  4. Let the Diffuser sit out overnight (or at least 8 hours) so the VitaBeads can air-dry completely.

While the Diffuser is soaking and air-drying, wash out your bottle and cap with water and soap. Be sure to rinse out all of the soap. 

*Please Note*

Because of the living Nature of the VitaBeads, there may be pressure buildup within the DYLN Bottle. You may receive an occasional refreshing mist of water while opening. During the first two weeks of use, be sure to loosen the cap every few hours to release the pressure. Repeat these instructions each time you replace with a new Diffuser.

Attach the Diffuser to your Bottle

Be sure to let the VitaBeads air-dry completely before attaching the Diffuser to the bottle.

  1. Attach the middle piece of your tool so the tool can reach the bottom of the bottle.
  2. Attach the Diffuser to the tool by fitting the L-shaped grooves on the tool over the two bumps on the top side of the Diffuser, then twist slightly to lock together.
    *Be sure the Diffuser is the right way up. The top side has two bumps near the edge, and the bottom side has four tabs near the edge.
  3. Insert the Diffuser into the bottle and line it up with the Diffuser holder at the bottom of the bottle. Push down on the tool firmly to click the Diffuser into the Diffuser holder.
  4. Lightly twist the tool counterclockwise so it unlocks from the Diffuser, then remove the tool by pulling straight up.

Register Your Bottle

Head to so you can register your new DYLN and keep track of the Diffuser usage. It's the easiest way to know when to change your Diffuser so you're never without alkaline antioxidant water!


That's it! You're now ready to enjoy alkaline antioxidant water on the go!

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