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How long does each VitaBead Diffuser last?

Each VitaBead Diffuser will last about 400 refills if you are using the 750mL/25.4oz Original DYLN Bottle and about 315 refills if you are using the 950mL/32oz Insulated DYLN Bottle. That’s equivalent to creating 300 liters of alkaline water!

Extra Diffusers start at $10 each, with discounts if you purchase multiple. That brings the price to under $.04 per liter ($.13 per gallon) of alkaline antioxidant water!

*To ensure optimum alkalinity, the Diffuser should be replaced after the recommended 400/315 refills (depending on which Bottle you have) or 1 year of use, whichever comes first.

You are able to register your DYLN Bottle to track your usage and be reminded when it’s time to replace. This way, you can focus on staying hydrated and we’ll do the accounting. You can register your DYLN Bottle here.

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