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Bottle Registration Questions

Where/what is the bottle code?

The bottle code is a 4 digit code that can be found laser engraved on the bottom of your bottle. It is directly above "750mL/25.4oz".

Why should I register my bottle?

Registering your bottle is the best way to be keep track of your refills so you will know when to replace your VitaBead Diffuser. The system will automatically send you an email reminder 2 weeks before it is time to change your Diffuser.

How do I register my bottle?

Just navigate to and log in or create a new account, then follow the steps from there. If you purchased the bottle yourself we highly recommend logging in with the email you used when you placed the purchase.

What is the bottle nickname?

The bottle nickname can be anything you want! Some of the favorites that we've seen include Alky, Flounder, and Chillin DYLN.  

How does registering my bottle work?

When you register your bottle, you enter some estimated usage details for how often you plan on using your bottle. Don't worry, that info can be edited or updated at any time. The system uses that information to calculate when it will be time to change your VitaBead Diffuser, and sends you an automatic email reminder.

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